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Providing Compassionate Community Care for our Neighbors in Need. In short, that is The Good Samaritan Clinic. But what does that mean? Or maybe first we ask, what is a Good Samaritan? In the Bible, the Good Samaritan was someone who helps a stranger, or a person who is generous in helping those in distress. In Fort Smith, that “person” is a group of “persons.” Donors, board members, staff, health professionals, and volunteers all working together for a common purpose: to extend a helping hand to someone who is truly in need. Some of us can, some cannot. If you’re able to help (physically or financially) and are willing to take that ability one step further and support us, well, welcome to the team. The Good Samaritan Clinic Loves Fort Smith and the River Valley Out Loud and has since it opened its doors to patients at our 615 North B Downtown Fort Smith location on July 18, 2003. Our clinic is not federally funded. Instead, we rely on the continuous generosity of your support of time, talent, and resources in order to continue to serve our neighbors in need. CONSIDER A DONATION TODAY:


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