Timeless Oddities and Curiosities

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Ladies and gentlemen, step right up!

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up! Witness the astounding, the incredible, the incomparable, Timeless Oddities and Curiosities! Come for the Experience and Stay to Shop!

As you walk down the streets of Downtown Fort Smith, something odd catches your eye. A quaint little shop. The windows are bright with displays of things you've never seen before. The interior is weird, almost an otherworldly atmosphere yet warm and inviting all the same. A menagerie of atypical anomalies awaits. Perhaps that's what beckons you inside. The door swings open as you step in, now face to face with the odd and new. A sensation washes over: Totally and utterly unusual. That's the feeling we strive for, where the weird is welcome and the odd are at home.

What is an oddity shop?

An oddity shop is a store that specializes in selling the strange and unusual, items you don't see everyday. Timeless in particular has an ever-rotating stock of unique novelties on display though we do have a few staples. Our teas, candles, and classes can only be found here!


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925 Garrison Avenue, Fort Smith, AR, USA
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