Hammer Solutions, Inc.

Location: 222 South 16th St., Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901

Business Hours: Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm

Contact Person: Rachel Arnold

Phone: 479-431-6890

A business is only as good as the passion of it’s founder. A sincere passion for technology was discovered by Mark Hammer of Hammer Solutions Incorporated at an early age. At only seven-years-old, Mark repaired his first computer and it was at that moment he realized technology would not only be a life-long interest, but a life-long passion. While working for other businesses Mark discovered his second passion, his customers. He found they had a constant need for individualized software to streamline processes and that they need understandable systems for their employees. Nearly a decade later, his passion for providing exceptional customer service drove him to create his own business where he could focus on providing high-quality, individualized service at an affordable price for commercial and residential customers. Thus, he created the technology company, Hammer Solutions. Mark soon realized that his peer companies only focused on one area of technology, forcing customers to have to consult with numerous providers to meet all their needs. This creates issues with support, timeliness and can create a financial burden. Since a passion for technology and his customers helped found Hammer Solutions, he knew he could do more to broaden his services. At that point, the scope of his business changed dramatically to encompass a wider range of specialties.

Connect With Us

[email protected]
PO Box 1153 • Fort Smith, AR 72902


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